Our story


2011  : Prehistorical times

Sebastien Lecca was on the balcony of the reknown artists squat at number 59 Rivoli streetin Paris where he resides, when he envisioned sextoys as a new medium for creation.
An idea struck him as obvious so he shaped it in clay and baked it on the huge fire he had lit with 2 flints and a lot of patience.

He traded the signed remains of the flints for a silver-halide camera which he used to snap his creation. Witness to the scene, Fredok le Peintre couldn’t help but explain  : ‘Oh my  ! It’s La Tour est Folle  ?!’

The crowd was so boisterous that nobody heard him when he replied ‘Mummy  !

2012 – La Tour est Folle foiled the Maya prophecy
When he found out that the world didn’t know about his work and that the Eiffel Tower was copyright-free, he decided to model it.
On June 26th 2012, he first elaborated a 3D digital model with the help of Lionel from Okenite (an animation studio).

Then he created a 3D prototype along with Christophe from Créaform, (a company which also produces wax statues for the Grevin museum).

In the meantime, LGR Packaging French branch ‘Reine’, of Viagra packaging fame, was studying a custum-made/very specific packaging for
La Tour est Folle

October 5th 2012- Standardization

On that fine day, Sebastien entrusted La Tour est Folle industrial manufacturing to Viel Plastiques International, a French company whose renown came from making Barbies dolls for Mattel in Europe and from a long-established collaboration with Ikea.

October 25th 2012 – Some hopes of being soon listed in the stock exchange

Sebastien co-founded with his friend Thibaut the La Tour est Folle LLC

On November 24th 2012,

the very first 100% Made in France standardized model came out of the injection moulding press of one of our prestigious national firms.
Halleluja  ! La Tour est Folle was born  !

Made of SEBS (a fantastic hypoallergénic form of thermoplastic elastomer) it unfortunatly didn’t quite meet its designer’s artistic expectations  : it was twisted, lopsided (instead of proudly standing on its 4 feet), with a glassy yellowish tint, full of flaws (holes, black spots, scratches, a very leaky seal…) and not translucent as Sebastien was hoping for.

It looked like La Tour est Folle wouldn’t hit the shelves in time for Christmas.

A few weeks of heavy thinking and consulting later, the adjunction of colouring to circumvent the scientific hindrance and meet the expected translucent aspect was tested but to no avail.

Still Sebastien didn’t give up, he is a born and bred Franco-Peruvian Lecca after all  ! And his middle name is Gustave  !

Also Thibaut is a ninja  !!!

So the two friends gathered all their energy and all their savings (and some more)…to buy those 2 ugly Renaissance frames/paintings (ça dépend si c’est juste les cadres) at a fair in Lamotte-Beuvron  and turned them into a new piece of modern Art.

They had no real ground to be worried as France industries were good enough that no problem would remain unsolved. A solution would be found, it was only a matter of time, money or outsourcing.

Their efforts would prove successful since the Maya prophecy was eventually thwarted. The world was safe again and a bright future could be foreseen for La Tour est Folle.


February 25th 2013  : cock-a-doodle-doo  !

It was only after trimming its top a little, changing the mould, fabric, colourings, production pace, price and a good many artistic finishing touches that our national industry finally cracked the technical puzzle  !

All that was left to do was to teach the machine operators how to operate the grinder so as to perfectly execute the necessary finishing touches and avoid the flat-headed look you can see on the blue one.

2013 – 2014       An interplanetary Success

Sebastien and Thibaut now strongly believe that when they die, their great-grand children will fiercely quarrel over the inheritance of their ‘Renaissance masterpiece’.

End of 2014- Darker times

The operators training was apparently flawed when it came to convey how to use a blowtorch to seamlessly remove moulding flashes.

Because of the forced extraction process, more and more scratches were appearing, making the Tour a lot less Folle and sometimes leaving it twisted or too long to fit into the box. However, the lubricating compound responsible for disfiguring/’unfolling’ our industrial masterpieces was to be prohibited at that time.

A great stateman once said  : ‘There is no problem that an absence of solution can’t solve’, he was however talking about politics.

Industrial engineering sees thinks quite differently  : if there is no solution, it’s just because there’s in fact no real problem.

Very end of 2014 – The Enlightment

Sebastien and Thibaut partnered with Marc and met Denis, François and Momo.

As they would rather remain anonymous, their names have been changed and only that photo will be disclosed.

A new turning point for La Tour est Folle :

The ’22’, a new model, is now made of silicon. !

Made in France engineering had redeemed itself to Sebastien’s eyes.

2015 –  33cm of deep pleasure or 115 carats worth of diamond  ? La Tour est Folle widened its range to please the more audacious as well as the more aesthetic of customers.

For the boldest customers, Sebastien designed
the ’33’, of eponymous proportion with a diametre up to 5.6cm.

A monumental 1kg piece fitted with an ultra-powerful sucker

Another tough blow to Chinese made products…

A few month later, despite its smaller size, the ‘676’ broke that weight record with its 1.515kg  (and 25mg!)!!!

The first sex-jewel emerged from its 18 carat-solid gold-bath set with 115 carats worth of diamonds (bright round cut, Hsi quality, Wesselton).

A well-developped sense of touch or a lot of patience and determination will allow you to find out that there are 676 of them.

Another success for French engineering, Sebastien Lecca (and the reknown Paris jewellers who worked alongside him) can take pride in the creation of the most expensive sextoy in the world.

2016 – an exceptionnal growth

2016 will be remembered as the year when ‘Philou’, whose first name shall remain undisclosed, joined our team.

For several month, the 2 pilgrims would tour our beautiful land in search of its last industrial remains.

For several month, the 2 pilgrims would tour our beautiful land in search of its last industrial remains Adrien, Jean-Pierre and Olivier
who incidently happened to be one and the same person.

When he mentioned the Middle Kingdom, Sebastian soon realised that his fascinations for both Star War and traditionnal Buddism were meant to be.

La Tour Est Folle can finally vibrate !

Under the Christmas Tree this year !!

Or it can fit in any interior !!!

As he was celebrating, Sebastien had a vision for something even bigger and he therefore started on another great trip to Valencia.

He came back with the ‘2M’ !

A 2-metre high Tour est Folle weighting 15kg…

The ‘676’ looked so insignificant in comparison that he spitefully cast it into the Seine

Ever since he’d come back from Spain he’d been acting oddly, even more so after he nearly drowned when his partners threw him into the Seine to fetch the ‘676’.

He was becoming convinced that his monumental crusade could be ever growing and that he had broken the weight record yet again.

‘French engineering and La Tour est Folle aren’t done surprising you!’ he errupted during his last public appearance.

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